Dean's Shoe Repair - "definitely a work of art in each pair"
We decided in 2008 it was time for a change for us.  Knowing that we wanted to start our own business, Charlotte was a great place to do just that. 
Dean's Shoe Repair opened its doors on January 8, 2009. 
Thanks to a great neighborhood, the incredible city of Charlotte and word of mouth advertising, we have grown our business overwhelmingly in the past 7 1/2 years and
great friends in the process. 
Mohamed (Moe) brings over 20 years experience in the shoe repair business, first in the NY/NJ area and now here in Charlotte.  We are happy to bring excellent quality work to our customers.
"In a Sole Revival, the Recession Gives Beleaguered Cobblers New Traction"
-The Wall Street Journal
...there are only 7,000 shoe repair shops left in the US, down from more than 120,000 during the Great Depression, according to the Shoe Service Institute of America.  Today's cobblers lament that young people are less inclined to learn the trade from their fathers or take it up on their own...Inexpensive shoes sold by discount stores have also been a bane to the craft...shoppers get into the habit of tossing them after six months and buying new ones.
-The Wall Street Journal
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