Dean's Shoe Repair - "definitely a work of art in each pair"
Full Soles /Casual Shoes and Workboots - Replacement of entire bottom of shoe (i.e. Boat shoes, Rockports, etc) Soft, flexible material usually of some rubber or composition variety. 
Belts - Can be shortened, have the buckle changed, replace rivets with snaps or vice versa.  The change is usually done from the buckle end so that the look of the belt changes as little as possible.  We can also add holes to a more comfortable fit.
Stitching - Heavy-duty machine for a variety of stitching needs (duffel bags, backpacks, some suitcases, holsters, etc).  Sewing patches on leather vests, backpacks and other pieces.
Tassels - Dress shoe tassels can be repaired or replaced.
Stretching Shoes/Boots - Both can be stretched, often as much as a half size in width/length.  It is most effective with leather shoes but other materials (imitation leather, fabric, plastic) can provide a bit more space.  Shoes can also be made more comfortable for individuals with bunions.
Supreme Shoe & Boot Steam Cleaning and Sanitizing Machine - SCARPAVAPOR
"A professional, strong and reliable steam generator whose main function is the complete cleaning of shoes, inside and outside.  The vacuum system helps minimize moisture left on the shoe for a faster drying time.  The drying compartment uses gentle heat and ozone to dry and sanitize shoes, sneakers or boots." 
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