Dean's Shoe Repair - "definitely a work of art in each pair"
Ladies Heel Lift - Rubber, leather, composition material that touches the ground and is attached to the end of the heel
Half Soles - Leather or rubber replacements for the bottom of the shoe.  Bottom portion goes from the shank of the shoe to the toe.  Back portion of the sole that extends to the heel is not part of this.
Sole Guard - Thin, high-quality rubber material attached to the existing sole.  Sole guards provide better traction and give longer life to the shoes.  Recommended for longer life on new shoes.
Toe Tip - Triangular piece of rubber material attached to the toe area of the shoe.
Toe Dot (Button) - Metal dot placed at the end of the shoe to extend the life of the toe.
Dyeing Fabric Shoes - Color change (light to darker).  The dye is permanent, will not wash out but may bleed if water-soaked.  it can be matched (as close as possible) to a dress, handbag or other item.  Must say "DYEABLE" on the box and be WHITE to begin with.  Please see 'Shoe Dyeing' page for more information.
Dyeing Leather Shoes - Involved stripping the old color and applying a dye color darker that the original.  We will dye shoes black, brown or navy. 
Dyeing Suede Shoes - Suede does not take new colors well.  Done on shoe-by-shoe basis.
Cleaning Shoes - Suede, Nubuck and other materials can be cleaned - removes dirt, some stains and will give the shoe a renewed look.
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